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The easiest way of converting DVD to MP4

This really is the simplest way of converting DVD movies to mp4 video format for playing on your iPod and other media players that I have come across. everyone can use with only takes only 2 clicks to work.

converting DVD to mp4

Before I noticed this software it got me way too long to get my own DVDs onto iPod, and more than 50 % of time it simply doesn't work. I tried many DVD ripping software programs in past times that just refused do the job. Once I got Leawo DVD Converter, it turned into my iPod's best buddy, not only for iPod but also for other portable players such as Android and Windows Smartphone, iPad, Xoom. I've a feeling it will become yours too. have awarded the Leawo DVD ripper software.

Programs to convert DVD movies to mp4:

Here I would introduce 2 software programs that converting DVD to mp4 video format for Windows PC. one is an open-source software (FREE) known as Handbrake, however, it cannot rip copy-protected DVDs (most of DVDs you bought or rent are CSS protected). the other one is Leawo DVD ripper as we talked in last paragraph that can convert Any type of DVDs to mp4 video format for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Xoom and more. It full compatible with Windows 7. Another great feature I think it takes the screenshot of DVD video - very useful for me.

Get no matter what source you have (DVD or DVD files, DVD folders) and rip them to the MP4 (mpeg-4) video file with 320 x 240 resolution so that it could be enjoyed with an iPod or iPhone. The 5G (fifth generation) iPods will likely not allow video at resolutions greater than 320 x 240 so that you often have to convert your video. You could check the specification of your player on its official site. A standard DVD video will require about 600 to 800 MB when converted.

How to use Leawo DVD ripper

I will show you how to use this program to convert DVD to mp4 step by step.

Download Download DVD to mp4 converter here

Note: For Mac users, you can Download DVD Ripper for Mac.


DVD ripper software

1. Import DVD

Insert your DVD disc into your DVD-Rom and run the software, press on "Load DVD" button to load your DVD file on the program.

2. Output settings

Choose "mp4" as output format in the drop-down listing of "Profile", and press on "Settings..." to set video resolution for your iPod or portable players.

Output settings

3. Start to convert DVD to mp4

If you do not want to edit videos, just press "Start" button for converting DVD to mp4 video. After it is finished, just press "Find Target" to get the converted mp4 video.

It's easy to do, right? I hope you enjoy watching your own DVDs with iPod or other media players on the go.

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