How to Download Music from Online Streaming Music Sites?

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When it comes to software for downloading music, it results in many programs, but when it comes to software that’s working, there are only a few. Fewer if you’re looking for a convenient, efficient, and user-friendly program.

One of the best audio recorders for downloading music from online Streaming Music Sites is Cinch Audio Recorder.

What Cinch Audio Recorder Does

Cinch Audio Recorder lets you record music while it plays from online streaming sites. It saves the recordings as separate music files on your computer. The great thing is it records the music with no loss in sound quality. So you get perfect copies of the songs.

Cinch Audio Recorder is easy to use. Even if you’ve never downloaded music, you can figure it out quickly. And it automatically labels the music files so you don’t have to edit them later.

Downloading music using Cinch Audio Recorder only takes a few steps. Let’s walk through how to use it.


Steps to Follow:

Download and install Cinch Audio Recorder. For Windows 8 to 10, click the “Run Anyway” button to start the installation. Your PC is not at risk of any virus or malware. Your computer does not recognize the software.

Note: The software is free, and you must register for unlimited recording.

Step 1: Open or Launch Cinch Audio Recorder

It’s easy to use and navigate this software even if you look at it. It even has a search box to search all your recorded tracks on the Cinch playlist menu.

Step 2: Click the red colored round button to “Start Recording,” located on the lower right next to ready.

You will need to do this since it will take a second to start it, and when it picks up audio, that’s the time it will start recording.

See the bottom of the software. It’s an indicator that it is recording, and on the right side, next to the recording button, are the minutes of the song recorded.


Step 3:  Choose any music streaming site you wish to record music. Let’s try Spotify since it’s the most common and one of the popular music streaming sites.

Make sure the account is a Premium subscription to get lossless quality music. If it’s a free account, you will only get below 320 kbps which is crappy audio quality. When you recently made an account on Spotify, you’re lucky since you have a 30-day free trial with high-quality audio.


Step 4: For recording a single track, click the “stop recording” button after each song.

You can play all the music on your playlist on Spotify until it is recorded.

Note: By doing this, It will result in a single file. You can set it to random play with a small gap between each song. It mainly occurs when no gap between pieces is placed or put in the settings.

Reminder: When you have recorded a lot of music already, try to transfer the recorded tracks to another folder, e.g., a music folder. This prevents the software from needing more resources just to run it. Closing other running software that is not necessary may help.

ID3 Tagging Feature

Each tag of every single track is automatically labeled. You won’t have any problem with labels (Artist, Title, and Album) using this software. Manually editing tags rarely occurs when using the Cinch software.

Try Recording from YouTube

You’re not limited to just music sites. Cinch Audio Recorder can also capture audio from YouTube videos.

Just play a video in your web browser, click record in Cinch, and it will save the audio track from the video. This lets you download the audio from music videos, live concerts, tutorials, and more.

If you want to record the actual video too, you’ll need a separate video downloader program. But for audio-only, Cinch is a quick and easy way to record from YouTube.

Cinch Makes Recording Easy

As you can see, Cinch Audio Recorder makes recording music, audio, and more super easy. You don’t need any technical skills to start building your own music library.

Just download Cinch, click record, and let it automatically capture music in high quality from practically any source.

Give Cinch Audio Recorder a try for an easy way to discover, download, and collect tons of great music!

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