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How to import DVD movies to iTunes for playing on iPod

This guide provides two different ways to download or import DVD movies to iTunes. One is using VCL player, which is open source software, free. The other one is working with professional DVD ripper software. It can convert DVD to MP4 videos with one click on.

Download DVD to iTunes

Why can't import DVD movies to iTunes

Apple iTunes allows users to rip songs from CD to listen to on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. However, it can't import DVD to iTunes, why?
1. The movie industry Hollywood definitely will stop every thing that against the copyright protection, even though their own position isn't properly tenable, they will tie down Apple with expensive litigation.
2. Apple wants users to buy or rent videos from iTunes Store. Apple gets $3 to $15 for each click on (depending on people rent or buy it) they never expected people just downloading DVD to iTunes instead of buying videos from iTunes Store.

So, is it possible to import DVD movies to iTunes library for playing on iPod, iPhone or iPad? Yes, you can. Follow below two guides you will be able to convert DVD for iTunes easily.

VCL player
VLC is totally free and open source media player, it can play videos in various formats and DVDs. We will use it to download DVD to iTunes for free. The shortage of this way is that VLC only works with common DVD but cannot rip protected DVD (unfortunately, most DVD you bought are protected). If this way doesn't work for you just try the other way.

Put your DVD disc into DVD Drive, open VLC player, and then click on "Convert / Save" under "Media".
you will see "Open Media" window, click on "Disc" tab and then select "DVD" as output. Find to "Disc device" field, make the directory points to the optical drive with your DVD, and then click on "Convert/save".

It's possible to define the DVD video starting spot by choosing title and choose to rip a specific DVD chapter to iTunes.

Click on "Convert /save", a window will pop up that will help you choose a file folder for the output file. Be sure to set the proper file title and extension.

Leawo DVD ripper

This DVD ripper software works with any type of DVDs (including CSS protected DVDs).

Download Download DVD converter

If you have Blu ray DVD you can get Blu-ray DVD ripper here.

Note: For Mac users, you can Download DVD Ripper for Mac.


Leawo DVD ripper

Step 1: import DVD videos

After starting DVD Ripper, click on on "Load DVD" to import DVD, DVD folder, ISO, IFO files you want to convert.

Step 2: Output setting

Once the loading of DVD files, choose the output format and output folder. If you want to copy DVD movies to iTunes for playing on it, we should rip DVD movie to iTunes video formats like M4V, MP4 or MOV, here we choose "MP4" format from "Common Video".

Step 3: Convert DVD to MP4 video

Now, click on "Start" to begin DVD conversion. The converting speed of importing DVD movies onto iTunes depends on the DVD size.

When the DVD conversion finished, you can drag and drop the converted mp4 video to iTunes, enjoy DVD on your iPad, iPhone, iPod.

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