How to Get Offline Files From Beatsource and Beatport For FREE


Hi DJings, this post will show you how to download music from Beatsource and Beatport and save them on your computer so you can play them without an internet connection.

It can be difficult to find good, high-quality music files online.

Both Beatsource and Beatport offer great options for finding the perfect track to fit your needs, but the prices for downloads can be prohibitive for some people.

However, there are ways to get offline files from both of these sites without spending a penny. In this article, we will explore how to do just that.


What are Beatsource and Beatport? is it possible to get offline files from them?

As streaming services become even more popular among DJs, Beatport and Beatsource have emerged as two of the leading options on the market. Without a doubt, their popularity continues to grow exponentially each day.

Beatport and Beatsource offer a wide selection of genres and tracks specifically designed for DJs, while Beatsource provides more underground sounds. Both services offer great selections of music that can be heard in clubs around the world.

More and more DJs are making the switch to streaming services as their source of music. This trend is steadily increasing, as it has become a convenient option for many who rely on quality soundtracks without an internet connection.

It is possible to get offline files from both Beatport and Beatsource, but it takes a bit of extra work. Offline files are digital files that can be downloaded and stored on local storage. They can then be used to playback music without the need for an internet connection.


How do I download music from Beatsource and Beatport

There are two ways to get offline files from Beatsource or Beatport.

Method 1: you first have to purchase a subscription to their service. Once subscribed, you’ll be able to start downloading tracks directly from their library. Most tracks will come with a download option, which you can use to store the file locally on your computer.


Easy to download high-quality music from them


Cost $29.99 for Beatport  PROFESSIONAL or $34.99 for Beatsource PRO+ for downloading 1000 tracks(limited) monthly.


Method 2: You can also download music from Beatsource and Beatport with steaming music recorder software.

Cinch Spotity ripper

Cinch audio recorder Introducing BeatDownloader – the revolutionary music downloader that surpasses its competitors!

With Cinch Audio Recorder, recording your favorite Beatport tunes has never been easier! Follow this simple guide to get started:

Note: Before you begin recording music from Beatsource and Beatport, ensure that all other music applications are closed to prevent any outside noise from entering your recordings.

You can refer to the below article for details on how to do it:

How to Adjust the Volume for Individual Apps in Windows

Step 1: Upon installing and launching Cinch Audio Recorder from your desktop, you’ll be ready to start using the program.

Download Cinch for Windows here

Mac user? Download Mac here


Step 2: To start saving your favorite music, simply click the “Start” button at the top left of your screen.

If you’re looking to save music in .wav audio format, then make sure to visit Settings and select “Also save wav”.


Step 3: Playing any playlist from Beatsource or Beatport and be amazed as this software captures all the details of each song – title, artist and album!

playing beatsource


Step 4: Once the recording is completed, click the yellow “Stop” button in the upper-left corner.

Step 5: The recorded Beatsource music is stored in your local drive now. You can view them by clicking on the “Folder” icon at the bottom right of your screen.


This record is not only working with Beatsource but also with Spotify and other streaming music sites.


How to Edit ID3 Tags Manually with Cinch?

By using this Audio Recorder, you can easily store all the relevant info related to your music recordings. Nevertheless, if you want more control over editing ID3 tags manually, just follow these easy steps and customize them as per your wishes!

Step 1: To edit a track’s ID3 data, open the Cinch Audio Recorder Software and select your desired “Track.”

Step 2: Located second-to-last on the right is an icon labeled “ID3 Editor.” Once clicked, a pop up containing all of the song’s information will be revealed.


Step 3: To update a field, simply make the modifications and click “Save.”


What Is The Best File Format For DJ’s?

When buying or downloading music online, you’ve got a choice between two popular formats: WAV and MP3.

The former provides crystal-clear audio quality that preserves the original recording exactly as intended; however, file sizes tend to be bigger in comparison. Conversely, smaller sized MP3 files retain decently high sound quality while being 60-80% more compact—perfect for DJs who need plenty of tunes without running out of storage space.

MP3 files let DJ’s up their game with the addition of jazzy extras like hot cues, saved loops and BPM info. This sort of customization is simply not available for WAVs – so when it comes to getting creative on the decks, MP3 has got you covered!

Ready to test your music know-how? Put on your blindfold and see if you can identify the difference between WAV and MP3 in this audio showdown!

320 MP3 Vs 128 MP3

Poor MP3 file quality can leave your music sounding muffled and distorted – an unwelcome surprise for anyone’s ears. Ever wonder why certain songs pop more than others?

It could be that 320kbps bitrate makes all the difference, allowing frequencies of up to 20kHz to come thundering through.

A 128kbps MP3 file is only able to deliver frequencies up to 15,000Hz, with the missing data unfortunately irreversible.

As a result, this can make tracks sound almost like they’re underwater, and no amount of re-encoding at 320kbps will bring back what’s lost. The difference between clarity and muddling becomes very noticeable in such cases.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid YouTube, and Soundcloud ripping tools as the files generated are highly compressed with irreversible damage.



In this content, we will cover how to download music from Beatsource and Beatport by using the Cinch Audio Recorder software. This audio recording software provides users with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to record their favorite music from these streaming sites.

When it comes to audio quality, it pays to be picky! Choosing the right format and bitrate helps maintain sound quality while downloading music quickly.

Always remember to choose MP3 files at 320kbps if you want your tunes sounding as crisp and clear as possible – get clicking those download buttons and enjoy the crystal-clear tunes!

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