How to Upload PowerPoint to YouTube

There are a lot uses if you want to upload PowerPoint to YouTube. It can be your report from school if you’re a student or if you’re a teacher, Monthly reports from your business or work, showcase your drawings, and sharing content like reports that can be helpful mostly in school or at work.


Uploading PowerPoint video to YouTube is easy, but the hard part is converting your PowerPoint to video with the right customization in mind. There are a lot of software now that can convert PowerPoint to Videos to any formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI and more. Problems one most encounter are software are not 100% working, not able to get the right output you want, and the cost of registering a software.


Don’t waste time on that software that are not working since there are always new and improved ones that will emerge. Speaking of new software in 2017, there’s a new program that can convert any PowerPoint to video in any format, and that is Solutery PPT to Video Converter.


Solutery PPT to Video Converter
Download here

Solutery has come up with an idea to solve the problems of each student, employees, and other people’s worries. Software that’s made easier to understand and navigate. Its design is simple but elegant and packed with features.


Converting your PowerPoint to any Video Format

Download and install Solutery PPT Video Converter

Step 1: Launch Solutery PPT to Video Converter

Launch Solutery PPT to Video Converter


Step 2: Drag your PowerPoint Files to the program and wait for it to be added. If you have more PPT files to add, you can either drag and drop the files or click “+Add Files” button
Solutery PPT to Video Converter drag and drop.PNG

Wait for a few seconds only.


Step 3: On “Select Output” choose the output you want (AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV).

Solutery PPT to Video Converter Output format.PNG

Select from the common and popular video outputs for your needs.


Additional Features you want to add (Optional)

Add Background Music

If you want your PPT video presentation to be unique and not boring, then this is a good way to heighten the attention span of your viewers. To add music of High-fidelity use Solutery Audio Recorder.

Solutery Audio Recorder

An audio recorder that can record any music streaming sites with high quality up to 320 kbps bitrate. Music is converted and saved as MP3. No need to download extra programs or files for it to work.

Slide Transition

Changing between slides can be controlled by adding how many seconds it will change. This way you can give ample time to your viewers to read the presentation.

Video Resolution

If you want to edit the resolution of your video to any resolution can be possible. This is useful when there’s an image or short video clip you want to show.

Click “Convert” once done.

Uploading Video to YouTube

Step 1: Sign in to your own or personal Youtube account
Step 2: Click Upload video at the top page
Step 3: Select the PPT video from your computer
Step 4: While waiting for it to be uploaded, edit the necessary information as well in the advanced settings for your readers or subscribers to be notified.
Step 5: Click Publish when your finish uploading and share the link to your videos.