iPlayer ripper – How to remove DRM from BBC iPlayer

In this article I will show you how to use iPlayer ripper to remove DRM from the contents that download from BBC iPlayer.


BBC player is a service that allows you to meet up with TV and radio programs within the past week of BBC. With BBC player you’ll find and play programs (including TV series, radio stations program, songs, Video on BBC) belonging to the past a week and see them online through click to spend time playing (streaming).

iPlayer ripper

You could download and stream HD programs.  Access BBC player with your cell phone. Download programs on your computer. Beyond this convenience, you will also get restrictions from BBC player. Programs that from BBC player are that “the technology will not be suitable for all other media players”. Generally speaking, BBC Content will be automatically deleted out of your computer once its expiry date has long been reached. the download iPlayer programs are only available seven days since the first time you watched it and they will be self destruct after Thirty day since you download without watching it.


Why there are many restrictions? Based on BBC player Fine print No. 5, ” to reach the BBC’s obligations to rights holders, the BBC will embedded downloadable BBC with digital rights management security.” Therefore we can easily see that it must be DRM (Digital Right Management) protection that limits us a lot more using for these programs.


Is it possible to remove DRM protection from downloaded BBC iPlayer contents with a iPlayer ripper tool, to make these contents are DRM free and non seven or four-week period time limited so that you can have BBC contents forever? Or are we able to covert BBC player contents to any portable devices like iPod, PSP, Zen, Walkman? And also will we burn the files downloaded from player to DVD disc? It’s definitely yes. By utilizing 2011 one of the best iPlayer ripper to remove DRM from videos that downloaded via BBC iPlayer.


To sync programs to portables devices like MP4 Players, Phone, you need to remove DRM protection and then convert to .mp4 file format. In the following guide I will share with you how to use this BBC iPlayer ripper step by step. All the DRM conversion will take only 3 steps.

DRM removal


 Download Download BBC iPlayer ripper here

Tips: If you are a Mac user , you can use AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

Step 1. Load downloaded BBC iPlayer files

Launch the DRM Converter, load your DRM protected files by clicking “Add…” button. Or simply drag and drop files to the user interface to import it. You could add more than one files at one time.

Step 2. Settings

Preview picked files on preview area (hit the play button). For the output file format. I highly recommend you select .MP3 for audio, .MP4 for videos and Television shows. Then choose the output directory for converted files.

Step 3. Start DRM conversion

Now, just press “Start” button. This DRM Converter will strip off DRM encoding from BBC iPlayer contents effectively.


After the DRM conversion is done, click “Find target” to open the folder where you save converted files. you can now watch them on your computer or portable players without time limitation and support your videos permanently.


This iPlayer ripper software can also remove DRM protection from other media file such as iTunes music and videos, Nokia music, Amazon.


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