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How to convert PowerPoint to iPad

This guide will show you how to play your PPT presentation on your iPad. The idea is that we convert PPT to iPad supported video files like MP4 video so you can play your PowerPoint presentation as video file on iPad. We also give 2 other free ways to view PPT on iPad.

PPT to iPad

There are lots of people who are using iPad and iPhone, and they are completely satisfied with its performance and enjoy lots of applications which are available for download. But there is no app for viewing PowerPoint file. So, if you are an iPad user and you want to see your presentation on your iPad or iPhone look for the ways of doing so. The following guide will show you 3 ways to do it.

3 ways to view PPT on iPad

Convert PPT to video file

If you want to see presentations on your iPad, you can convert your presentation in video format by installing this amazing software which is called Leawo PPT to Video. You can easily download this software from internet. It can convert up to 12 PowerPoint presentation file to video format in just one go. It can also choose different video formats depending upon the requirement. There are features live layout, playback, resolution and sound which can be used to customize the presentation. This awesome software does not change your dynamic effects in any way and all the setting, transition effects, animation, etc remains intact after the conversion.

Download Download PowerPoint to video converter here

PPT to video Converter

The benefits of converting the presentation in video formats are that these converted videos can be easily uploaded on video sharing websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Also, it is very easy to view the presentations by using the YouTube App as it is pre-installed on iPad.

Convert PPT to PDF format

You can also convert the presentation in PDF format. Here is how:
1. Simply click the Microsoft Office Button (Round button at the upper left corner), point to the arrow next to Save As, and then click PDF or XPS.
2. In the File Name list, type or choose a name for the file.
3. In the Save as type list, just click PDF.

But the converted PDF file will not keep the effects, sounds, videos animations and transitions that were used in the presentation. That is why it is recommended that you use Leawo PPT to Video converter for better results.

PPT presentation sharing sites

Lacking Flash support is a barrier for a lot of PPT presentations sharing sites that work with Adobe's technology. However, there are a few sites compatible with iPad, like authorSTREAM.com and DocStoc.com.

With above ways you can easily convert PPT to iPad as video or PDF file in order to view your PowerPoint presentations your iPad.

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