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About Handy Software Only

About us

Handy Software Only is a software download website. The difference of this site is that it provides easy to use software programs only. We test several programs in the same kind and pick up the best one for you. Furthermore, we shared free step-by-step tutorials for those software programs for computer newbies.

1. Just the top software programs, we focus on good quality and easy-to-use not only quantity
2. Rapid serves with 100Mb internet connections and mirror download server, to help make your downloads as fast as possible
3. All programs are 100% spyware and adware free
3. Full support for resuming downloading and download managers
4. Modern European and North American download serves
5. Optimized websites for more effective exploring

When you have any kind of problem about software programs or website's privacy policy pages, you are welcome to contact us. We go over each email sent in and make sure to reply to everyone soon. Please help us by sending your comments to enhance the program and website, or review.