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Privacy of Handy Software Only


Handy Software Only is devoted to securing your privacy. We'll only gather your individual information for defined purposes. We don't distribute or share your individual information beyond what's strictly essential to fulfill our obligations for you. We might share your data just with partners who stick to Handy Software Only's resolve for protecting your privacy. Handy Software Only won't sell your personal information in a manner whatsoever.

What information will we gather? Exactly what do it's used by us for?

Whenever you make an order on our website, your complete name, current email address, mailing address, telephone number, charge card number, and charge card expiration date will be required. The info can be used to accomplish the transaction and allow us to offer better support and services for you.

How can Third party charge card processors protect customer information?

Handy Software Only uses secure server hosted by Regnow along with other Third party charge card processors that secure all the user's private information including name, address, charge card number charge card expiration date etc. prior to it being delivered to us. Encryption actively works to prevent any malicious utilization of your individual information. Your charge card details are only employed for online transition.


Regnow is definitely a sophisticated secure online payment service for software program registration that's been functioning since 1987. Handy Software Only uses Regnow to offer you very safe and fast online order.

About cookies

To be able to better know very well what services are valuable to the customers, we use "cookies". A cookie is really a small text file that the Website writes for your hard disk. Cookies are your identification card and could record passwords, preferences and purchases. Cookies allow the web site server realize that you've returned for this site. Cookies may also determine additional information, like the daily people to our site and the pages from the site most often visited. Cookies are unique and may simply be read through the server that assigns them. They can't be executed as code or deliver viruses.

You are able to alter the settings inside your browser to avoid cookies if you don't wish to have a cookie set whenever you visit our website. However, in so doing, you might not have full use of all of the webpages.