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Spotify Ripper Downloader

It is an exclusive streaming audio recorder that records MP3 files through any site or computer program like Spotify. Each and every track is stored on your personal computer in the form of excellent MP3 files, automatically marked along with the musician, track title, album and style of music, and correctly split up single songs. You can also burn tracks to CDs directly, or transfer these to your portable media players like iPod, Smartphone, tablet. Moreover, it is increasingly simple to work with. What a fantastic way to explore your favorite songs!

Download Replay Music

If you are a Mac user, get the Mac version here

Key Features:


streaming audio recorder


Inputs: The following popular web sites (and many more) can be downloaded with Replay Music:

Deezer (tested 2009-01-29)
Last.fm (tested 2009-06-03)
MySpace Music (tested 2009-03-16)
Pandora (tested 2010-10-22)
6rbtop (tested 2008-06-01)
AccuRadio (tested 2009-11-18)
americanrhetoric.com (tested 2008-02-11)
AOL Radio (tested 2008-02-01)
BallerStatus.com (tested 2008-01-24)
chimatamusic (tested 2008-07-03)
coucoucircus.org (tested 2008-02-13)
dhingana.com (tested 2008-02-08)
dishant (tested 2008-07-01)
drapeaurouge.free.fr (tested 2008-07-30)
Esnips (tested 2008-01-24)
finetune (tested 2008-02-25)
Generiques-tv.com (tested 2008-02-13)
Grooveshark (tested 2010-11-08)
Guitar Player TV (tested 2009-09-17)
hibamusic (tested 2008-05-30)
Iceberg Radio (tested 2008-01-24)
ijigg (tested 2008-07-03)
iTunes (tested 2008-06-05)
Jango (tested 2008-01-24)
jonathanhoward.tumblr.com (tested 2010-11-17)
Kannadaaudio (tested 2008-06-01)
lala.com (tested 2008-12-07)
Live Music Archive (tested 2008-01-24)
mp3hungama (tested 2008-07-04)
MusicIndiaOnline.com (tested 2008-02-13)
musicme.com (tested 2008-07-06)
muxtape (tested 2008-06-10)
Napster (tested 2008-02-02)
nhacso.net (tested 2008-07-07)
NPR (tested 2011-04-13)
Pacemaker (tested 2008-06-05)
palcomp3 (tested 2008-07-01)
pdmusic (tested 2008-06-13)
Project Playlist (tested 2008-05-29)
Purevolume (tested 2008-05-29)
Raaga.com (tested 2008-02-13)
remix.nin.com (tested 2008-06-17)
Rhapsody (tested 2008-06-05)
Skyrock (tested 2008-06-01)
slhits (tested 2008-07-04)
SmasHits (tested 2008-06-03)
songs.pk (tested 2010-07-21)
SoundClick (tested 2008-01-24)
Spotify (tested 2009-05-06)
Superpass - Real Networks (tested 2008-01-22)

System Requirements:

Supported OS Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Processor 1GHz or above Intel or AMD CPU
Free hard disk space 2GB or above
RAM 1GB or above
* High-speed Internet Connection recommended.

Awards of Wondershare Streaming recorder:


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