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How to play AVI videos with QuickTime on Mac

This guide will show how to play AVI video on your QuickTime player on Mac. AVI is the most popular video format in Windows world. If you are a Mac user and you may want to play AVI video format on QuickTime. It's possible and easy. Just read how-to guide as the below:

AVI videos with QuickTime on Mac

Only certain AVI files can paly in QuickTime, which are compressed by the codec that this player can identify. You will face problem that play any other AVI format. Further, if you have upgraded your OS to Lion or Snow Leopard, then you will realize that you cannot play the AVI files on QuickTime X, which earlier played smoothly with QuickTime.

There is no need to be disappointed, as there are many solutions for playing AVI on Mac such as Video Converter, VLC Player, and Perian for Mac. The solutions are explained in detail below:

Solution 1: Use the QuickTime Component Perian

Perian for QuickTime is free component and supports many popular formats. The existing version works well with Snow Leopard and is good for most AVI videos.

Solution 2: Use other media players

If you are not able to play AVI movies with QuickTime player, then there are many other media players to choose from. One of the most recommended players for Mac OS is the VLC and Plex player. In case, you are using Snow Leopard, then VLC is the best one for you. You can even give it a try if Front Row is installed in your system.

VLC Player

Solution 3: Convert AVI files to MOV for QuickTime player

If you use this solution, then you will not have to use any other media player. Simply use Video Converter application for Mac and convert the AVI video files to formats that are compatible with QuickTime player such as M4V, MP4, and MOV. Once you convert the AVI video files to the compatible formats, you can play them easily and smoothly on the QuickTime player without the need of any other kind of component. You can even transfer your files to Pad or Phone and enjoy the videos.

Download Download AVI to MOV for Mac converter here

video converter for Mac

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