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How to remove DRM protection from BCC iPlayer contents

This guide will show you how to remove DRM protection from BBC iPlayer contents with iPlayer DRM removal software.

iPlayer DRM removal

Why we want to remove iPlayer DRM

BBC iPlayer is a program that allows you to watch BBC TV and radio contents from the last 7 days. Usually, BBC iPlayer contents are available for up to 7 days after the day of original broadcast. After the contents were downloaded, they'll self-destruct automatically after 30 days simply because they are DRM protected.

Lots of people wondered that is there a method to get rid of DRM protection from iPlayer contents? They want to make these contents DRM free without time limitation to save BBC iPlayer contents permanently. This guide is going to show you how to do it with simple 3 steps.

How to remove DRM with iPlayer DRM removal

We will use iPlayer DRM Removal Software. It allows you to remove DRM from BBC iPlayer videos so you can enjoy them with no limitation or burn iPlayer content to DVD to keep the videos permanently. Moreover, this software also works with other DRM media files such as iTunes music, Nokia music and Rhapsody. Following is the guide about how to remove iPlayer DRM step-by-step.

Download Download iPlayer DRM removal here

Tips: If you are a Mac user , you can use AllMyMusic for Mac to convert audio files, and AllMyTube for Mac to convert video files.

DRM removal

Step 1: Import iPlayer DRM files

Before we start to remove DRM from iPlayer contents, check your pc has been permitted such as this:

DRM code permit

Launch this iPlayer DRM removal. Import your DRM protected files by clicking "Add..." button. You could preview it on the right window. (Tips: This program is working with batch conversion, so you can import number of videos all at once.)

Step 2: Select the format for output

Select output formats from the list "Audio files to" or "Video files to", and choose the audio or video format which you need.

Step 3: Begin to convert and remove DRM

Click "Start" button and this DRM Removal program will do the rest.

When it is finished you are now got the DRM removed iPlayer contents. You can burn it to DVD or watch it on your portable player such as iPod.

Tips: This iPlayer DRM removal is also a fine Video Converter. It will help you to convert all popular audio and video formats. You could convert videos or music to your portable players.

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